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WCGA Hosts an Etiquette Clinic and Happy Hour

June is Women's Golf Month and WCGA kicked it off at East Potomac Golf Course for an Etiquette Clinic and Happy Hour. Golfers of all handicaps showed up on a gorgeous DC day to learn how to be better golfers, which we all decided was one thing we love about golf - you're constantly learning more about the game and about yourself.

Our clinic instructor and WCGA member, Rachel Collins, went over everything from proper behavior on the tee box to raking sand in the bunkers. From there, we moved to the green where we learned how to properly mark our balls and repair divots. Did you know that if you don't repair your divot immediately it takes 15 days for nature to repair, but if you do it yourself it only takes 1 day? Who knew?

We also discussed issues relevant to women's golf such as the importance of handicaps,

biases that can exist in golf club fittings, women's golf events in DC, and golf fashion (obviously.) More importantly, we discussed how important it is to empower women on the

golf course and bring a friend.

After the clinic, we went to the clubhouse for some drinks and fun. Special thank you to East Potomac Golf Course for preparing some fun drink tickets and

having a practice hole ready to go for us. Visit WCGA's website for more upcoming clinics and events.

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