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WCGA Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


Players will be warned and penalized with possible removal from the Women’s Congressional Golf Association (WCGA) for violations of the Code of Conduct (this conduct extends to guests of members). Further, WCGA may reject an entry application, revoke an accepted application, and/or suspend a player from future events if the player or their guest engage in conduct detrimental to the integrity and image of the game of golf and/or public confidence in WCGA.


Such conduct may include, but is not limited to:


Disorderly behavior, including:

Excessive use of profanity.

Club throwing.

Verbal or physical abuse, or threats of abuse, to officials, volunteers, other players or staff.

Damage to the golf course or any player's equipment.

Unbecoming conduct.

Failure to care for the course, including, but not limited to the failure to: 

Fill or step down on divots (reasonable effort to repair/fill divots)   

Repair ball marks

Rake Bunkers

Follow cart rules

Disposing of trash into trash receptacles or golf carts

Failure to abide by the host club's rules.


Penalties for Violation of Code of Conduct


Penalties may be assessed based on each individual situation including the severity of the breach and the factors that contributed to the breach occurring. 

Subject to Rules

By purchasing your membership to WCGA, you agree to abide by this code of conduct and accept any repercussions as a result of a breach of this code of conduct.

By purchasing your membership in WCGA, you agree that your participation is at your own risk.  WCGA and its Officers, Board Members, and Members are held harmless.

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