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WCGA Returns to Queenstown

We started with lunch at The Jetty Restaurant & Dock, with a great seat - right on the water!

As the group enjoyed their lunch and pre-golf beverages, we

were kept company by a bold duck on the dock - who was looking to find any and all chips that were accidentally dropped on the ground.

When we got to the course, Ron Rutter with Queenstown had created the cutest cart signs for our group. Over the years, Queenstown has invested in its infrastructure and course - with our play, everyone received a beverage and was able to check out the beautiful, brand new bar area in the club house.

The course was in great shape and we had really great weather. During play, the group saw lots of wildlife - deer, birds, turtles, etc. This course is a group favorite and we will be sure to be back next year!

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